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We believe that the best and most successful developments are created with masterful planning and a comprehensive approach to each new project.
We envision ourselves as occupants in the places we develop, and always start by asking ourselves the question ‘what I would I want in this space'.
Starting with this simple question, our focus throughout the development process is always on the quality of the end user experience.

Architect hold plans


It’s All in the Details

We source projects for investment and development - assessing properties, and conducting site-specific analysis to determine the viability of each project prior to acquisition. Overseeing the development cycle from the very beginning, and project managing the entire process, we are able to form deep insights, control costs and meticulously control every aspect of each development.

Architects Planning


Craftsmanship in Each Build

At Metta, we are not only building structures, we are creating places - places to live, to work and to be enjoyed. We approach each build as a craftsman applying their trade, enhancing the spaces for occupants to grow and prosper. This approach is applied to our suppliers and partners, ensuring our construction team are all on the same page in bringing visions into reality.