About Us

Metta Developments is an integrated Property Development and Construction Management firm based in Sydney, NSW. We pride ourselves on developing innovative and high-quality buildings with a sustainable footprint. In partnership with a strong team of industry professionals, we work to unlock value in sites and translate visions into reality.

Whether you’re looking to invest in new build and refurbishment schemes, collaborate on bespoke projects, or are an existing landowner with a joint venture idea, Metta Developments has the collective skills and experience to tap into your potential. If you would like to discuss a collaboration, potential site, or are interested in purchasing a property, contact the team today.


Our Team

Companies don’t develop real estate, people do.



Managing Director

Andrew founded Metta in 2016 with a goal to build lively and sustainable developments, utilising his extensive experience in construction, development, and finance. His family has been in the building industry since 1994, and he has always been involved since a young age. Andrew is a Licensed Building Contractor, has completed a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Sydney, and has worked in the financial services industry in both Sydney and Singapore.



Construction Director

James is the Head of Construction for Metta, with over a decade of experience as a Project Manager for Rio Tinto, an independent construction and remedial Consultant, and a Director of his family-owned plumbing business. He has worked nationally across Australia from Melbourne, Gladstone, the Gold Coast to Sydney. His personal experience and building services knowledge provide him with a combination of sound business acumen, and the ability to manage multiple construction projects.